Frequent Questions

Am I required to contribute to health effects testing? If so, what are my obligations?

One of the objectives of the registration program is to develop health effects information for specific groups of fuels and fuel additives. A great deal of information has been submitted since 1997.  If your gasoline, diesel fuel, or fuel additive has traditional chemistry then you will be able to rely on the information submitted by the American Petroleum Institute (API) in almost all cases.  For diesel and its additives, the time has expired for which API may charge a fee for this information.  For gasoline and its additives, API is still entitled to charge a fee.  For traditional chemistry please see the discussion of “baseline” and “nonbaseline” in the instructions to the registration forms (EPA Forms 3520-12 and 3520-13).  If you have non-traditional chemistry EPA staff can discuss the testing that you may be required to conduct.

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