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How do I register renewable diesel?

Manufacturers/importers of renewable diesel for on-road use are required to register the fuel with the EPA. 

To register, complete form 3520-12 available here:  

Please indicate “renewable diesel” in part 5(g). 

Additionally, please attach the following information to the form: 

  1. Description of raw materials used to manufacture the diesel.
  2. Description of the process used to manufacture the diesel.
  3. Laboratory test reports of the diesel indicating that it meets ASTM D-975. 
  4. Discussion why your fuel is substantially similar to diesel fuel used in emissions certification.


A separate registration is required for the diesel sulfur and renewable fuel standard programs via the Central Data Exchange.  Please see:


The above is required before the fuel may be introduced into commerce.  It does not apply to blending components.  If you are importing only a blending component, then the party that uses the blending component to produce a diesel fuel would be subject to the above.

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