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Some pipeline and marine terminals receive fuel from multiple refineries. Will they need separate facility ID numbers?

The terminal owner must obtain a facility ID for its facility, subject to any ability to lawfully aggregate into a larger facility. The fact that the terminal facility receives fuel from various refineries does not change the fact that it is a still a single place in the distribution system that is owned by a single entity. Similarly, a pipeline receives a single ID for a single facility notwithstanding how many refineries supply fuel to that facility. Consequently, the terminal in this situation would need only one facility ID number for its terminal operations. However, if fuel is imported into the terminal, or the terminal acts as a refiner, the terminal will need to state such activity, in addition to the other quarterly reporting requirements of § 80.601, and additionally will have annual reporting requirements of § 80.604. The party will also need to register as a refiner or importer, and meet all applicable refiner or importer requirements, but that would not change the facility ID that goes with the terminal facility.

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