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What limitations, if any, are there on the marketing of transmix that has jet or exempted product?

The special provisions applicable to the sale of products produced by a transmix processor using transmix as the feedstock are applicable regardless of the composition of the transmix. As a result of common pipeline batch sequencing, we anticipate that most transmix will contain some jet fuel and in certain areas heating oil. From June 1, 2006 through May 31, 2010, 500 ppm diesel fuel produced by processing transmix may be designated as highway diesel fuel and sold into the highway diesel market (40 CFR 80.513(a)). This flexibility applies to facilities that produce diesel fuel by processing transmix by distillation or other refining processes, but do not produce diesel fuel by processing crude oil. This flexibility only applies to the volume of diesel fuel produced by a transmix processor by processing transmix, and does not apply to any diesel fuel produced by the blending of blendstocks.

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