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A terminal provides gasoline to a truck at the terminal?s truck rack at the same time the terminal is receiving gasoline into the same storage tank that is supplying the truck. The gasoline already in the terminal?s storage tank is properly classified as

Under the regulation, the terminal must obtain a representative sample of gasoline from the storage tank and test it for sulfur content after receipt of the new load of gasoline into the terminal tank in order to continue to qualify the gasoline in the tank as S-RGAS (§ 80.210(d)(3)). Assuming the new receipt of gasoline is loaded into the terminal storage tank as per normal practices, the terminal would not be required to retest the tank to determine if it still qualifies as S-RGAS until the new load is fully received into the storage tank. Until that time, in the above scenario, the truck carrier could be given a PTD designating the gasoline as SRGAS. Subsequent to the full receipt of the gasoline into the storage tank, however, a new sample must be obtained from the tank and be tested to determine if continuing to classify gasoline in the tank as S-RGAS (on PTDs), is still appropriate.

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