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At an in-line blending facility, a portion of batch A is captured in an empty storage tank and not immediately shipped. Then a portion of batch C is added to that tank and the combined mixture is shipped. How do the records show compliance with reformulat

Batches A and C will be certified separately based on the results from the composite sample analyses for each of these batches (unless EPA has approved another method of sampling for a particular refiner). Since product transfer documents do not require that a batch number be assigned to each shipment, multiple batches of certified RFG can be commingled without regard for batch numbers (i.e, the resulting mixture will not be assigned a new batch number). As discussed in the answer to question #11 above, when the combined mixture is shipped, the product transfer document will identify the volume of the shipment, not the batch, and any other designations specified in § 80.77.(7/1/94)

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