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Does section 80.69(e) apply to operations where RBOB is received into a terminal tank from a pipeline or barge and is subsequently blended with oxygenate in a truck?

The regulatory provision at § 80.69(e) applies to situations where RBOB is blended with oxygenate at a terminal other than in a terminal storage tank (which is addressed in § 80.69(c)). The requirements of § 80.69(e) would apply where RBOB and oxygenate are loaded onto a gasoline delivery truck at the same time. This would be the case where the RBOB and oxygenate are loaded sequentially into a truck at the loading rack, as well as where RBOB and oxygenate are combined in a mixing header that is located between the RBOB storage tank and the truck loading rack. (8/29/95)

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