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How will EPA enforce their regulations in California? Will the Agency defer to the California Air Resources Board?

Prior to the start of the California Phase II RFG program in March 1996, EPA generally will enforce the federal RFG program California in the same manner in which it will be enforced in other parts of the nation. The principal difference is that compliance survey and independent analysis requirements will not apply to California gasoline during that period.

Subsequent to the start of the California Phase II program, EPA will rely to a large extent on the proven ability of CARB to enforce its fuels programs. However, EPA retains the authority to monitor and enforce the federal RFG regulations in California. Such monitoring and enforcement may be done through sampling and testing of California gasoline and/or by the auditing of State-mandated records (which must be retained for 5 years under the federal regulations). In addition, refiners and importers of California gasoline are still subject to the registration (§ 80.76) and batch testing (§ 80.65(e)(1)) requirements of the federal regulations.(7/1/94)

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