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In certain scenarios, codes are used to represent the transferees name and address on the PTD's. For example, when a customer purchases a load of gasoline from a terminal, a common carrier picks up the gasoline at the rack if the customer does not maintai

Since the carrier would be the transferee in such a situation, the carrier's name and address would be required to be included in the PTD information. However, EPA has previously stated that the address of the transferor and transferee does not need to be included in the documentation at the time of transfer, and will extend this allowance to the use of codes in place of the names provided:

1) The normal business practice of the parties is to list only the codes of the transferor and/or the transferee;
2) Both the transferor and the transferee know and have records of the required names and addresses; and
3) The information is provided to EPA upon request.

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