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Please clarify how the facility aggregation option would work. Would the facility aggregation apply only to simple model RFG sulfur, T-90 and olefins compliance?

A refiner may aggregate its refineries for anti-dumping compliance purposes under § 80.101(h). This aggregation option must be exercised for the 1995 averaging period, and may not thereafter be changed. In addition, under § 80.41(i) the refiner must use the same model (simple or complex) for the RFG and conventional gasoline produced at any refinery, and the same model must be used at all aggregated refineries. Moreover, under § 80.41(i) the RFG standards for sulfur, T-90, and olefins, but no other RFG standards, are met in relation to refinery baselines. Therefore, in the case of a refiner who elects to aggregate refineries, who produces RFG, and who uses the simple model, the RFG standards for sulfur, T-90, and olefins must be met for all RFG produced at the refiner's aggregated refineries, and all other RFG standards must be met separately for each refinery, regardless of aggregation.(7/1/94)

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