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The July 1, 1994 Question and Answer Document discusses the antidumping provisions that impact California gasoline -- a non-RFG California gasoline before 3/1/96 must meet all antidumping requirements (i.e., volumes and properties.) After 3/1/96, Californ

Section 80.81(d) provides that, subsequent to March 1, 1996, refiners, importers and oxygenate blenders of California gasoline shall demonstrate compliance with the RFG and antidumping standards specified in §§ 80.41 and 80.90 by excluding the volume and properties of its California gasoline from all of the gasoline (RFG or conventional) it produces that is not California gasoline. This section also provides that this does not exempt any refinery from demonstrating compliance with the standards for all gasoline that it produces or imports. While refiners are generally exempt from recordkeeping, reporting and various other provisions for California gasoline, they are not exempt from the RFG and anti-dumping standards themselves.(11/28/94)

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