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When will EPA publish a corrected version of the Complex Model? The NOx equation corrections published in the DFRM were not correct, and the published evaporative VOC equations do not yield the published baseline emissions for baseline fuel.

Errors in the final rule for the reformulated gasoline program and the DFRM are being corrected in an upcoming technical amendment.

The spreadsheet version of the Complex Model does not contain the errors that appeared in the Federal Register description of the Complex Model. However, the equation coefficients in the spreadsheet have been rounded in comparison to the coefficient values given in the Federal Register. This difference results in a disparity of less than 0.005% between the published baseline emission values and the values calculated from the evaporative equations in the spreadsheet, a disparity which is unlikely to affect any results. Nevertheless, EPA will update the spreadsheet version of the Complex Model as soon as time permits.(10/31/94)

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