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Will each compartment of a truck loaded at the rack at the refinery be deemed a different batch of reformulated gasoline and thus need a batch identification number? Could the invoice number serve as the unique identification number for that shipment?

In the case of reformulated gasoline produced by adding oxygenate to RBOB in a truck, each truck compartment is a separate batch of reformulated gasoline. If the oxygen standard is being met on average, the reformulated gasoline in each compartment must be given a different batch number. If a volume of reformulated gasoline is certified and designated as a batch and then loaded into a truck, multiple compartments could be filled with gasoline from that batch.

The invoice number may only be used for the batch number if it is six digits in length, unique for each batch produced in a year for each truck blender and generated in chronological and numerical order of production of the batch. Non-numeric characters are not allowed in the batch number.(7/1/94)

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