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Under section 80.1405, the standard for biomass based diesel (BBD) is calculated via a fraction, the numerator of which is equal to the RFV for BBD in compliance year i times 1.5. For 2010 only, would you agree that, using the example of the calculation f

 The percentage standard for biomass-based diesel in years 2011 and beyond will be based upon the volumes specified in CAA 211(o)(2)(B)(i)(IV), unless some portion of that volume is waived per CAA 211(o)(7)(E). For 2010, the numerator of the fraction used to derive the percentage standard for biomass-based diesel is [RFV BBD in yr 2010 (0.65) + RFV BBD in yr 2009 (0.5)] x 1.5. Thus, the formula that the commenter provided is incorrect. See preamble discussion at 75 FR 14675 and 14718-14719, March 26, 2010).
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