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Are there regulations that require sampling and testing by each facility, or do you just need a sampling and testing program to establish a defense?

In general, the only parties that must sample and test are refiners and importers; under § 80.581, they must sample and test each batch of motor vehicle or NRLM fuel subject to the 15 ppm sulfur standard that is produced or imported. However, a downstream party redesignating kerosene fuel for use as 15 ppm motor vehicle or NRLM fuel when such fuel is not accompanied by a PTD stating that it meets the 15 ppm standard, must have test results (see § 80.525). Likewise, any party remedying a contamination of fuel originally designated as 15 ppm fuel, or upgrading fuel not designated as 15 ppm fuel to fuel that meets the 15 ppm standard must sample and test before distributing the fuel as fuel that meets the 15 ppm standard.

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