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Truckers may obtain both premium gasoline and regular gasoline from a terminal in order to supply a retail outlet with midgrade gasoline. In such cases, if a truck obtains a load of gasoline from a terminal that consists of a mixture of gasoline from a te

The regulation specifically exempts gasoline in trucks from the testing requirement for S-RGAS, and instead allows truckers to rely on the test result of the terminal supplying the truck carrier. See § 80.210(d)(4). Where a tanker truck receives a load of midgrade gasoline that is comprised of S-RGAS and non-S-RGAS dispensed into the same compartment for the purpose of making midgrade gasoline, whether through in-line blending or otherwise, the transferred gasoline could properly be classified on the PTD as S-RGAS, provided that the intent was to create mid-grade gasoline. However, If a relatively small volume of SRGAS were to be blended with non-S-RGAS, the gasoline in the tanker truck could not be classified as S-RGAS, since such blending is not consistent with the need to make midgrade gasoline from premium and regular gasoline.

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