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If reformulated gasoline is found at the refinery to be off specification, what procedures are appropriate for handling this gasoline?

A case may occur where a refiner discovers RFG at a refinery that does not meet applicable standards, before that gasoline is shipped from the refinery. For example, RFG for which a parameter is being met on average could be found to violate the per-gallon minimum or maximum associated with that parameter, or RFG for which a parameter is being met on a per-gallon basis could be found to violate the per-gallon standard for that parameter.

In such a case, and because none of the gasoline in question has left the refinery, the refiner could prevent any violation by reblending the gasoline to meet all applicable standards before it is shipped. The reblended gasoline then would be a new batch for which the independent sampling and testing requirements must be met. In this situation, the earlier off-spec batch would be reported to EPA, but with a volume of zero. This earlier batch would have to be reported so that the refiner's and the independent lab's records remain synchronized.(7/1/94)

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