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Is there a deadline for the submittal of a petition requesting an exemption from the independent sampling and testing requirements? #17

There are no time frames for or limitations in the regulations or the statute for submitting or reviewing in-line blending petitions. However, since EPA will need adequate time to review and resolve any outstanding issues before acting on a petition for exemption, we suggest that refiners that wish to apply for the exemption, submit their petitions as soon as possible if they plan to be exempt from the independent sampling and testing requirements at the beginning of production of RFG in the Fall of 1994. Until a petition is approved, all RFG and RBOB produced by a refiner is subject to the independent sampling and testing requirements under § 80.65(f). (7/1/94)

#17 With regard to in-line blending petitions, answers provided in this section pertain only to simple model RFG and not complex model RFG.

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