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Regarding the requirement in § 80.69(a)(2) that refiners and importers blend a representative sample of an RBOB batch with refinery-specified oxygenate, the composition of specified oxygenate blended in the laboratory is likely to differ from the composi

EPA will not consider the refiner's blending instructions to be compromised where the specified oxygenate contains de minimis amounts of other oxygenates resulting in the RFG produced to contain other oxygenates in amounts no more than: 0.4 vol% ethanol, or 0.6 vol% MTBE, ETBE, TAME or t-butanol, or 0.2 vol% methanol. These exceptions apply only if the offending oxygenate is present as a result of operational necessity, and specifically would not apply if the offending oxygenate was intentionally added. See also the October 3, 1995 Question and Answer document, Prohibitions Section, Question 1, regarding the allowance of de minimis amounts other oxygenates in VOC-controlled RFG. (5/9/95)

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