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Section 80.106 states (a) "On each occasion when any person transfers custody or title to any conventional gasoline, the transferor shall provide to the transferee documents which include the following information: ...(1) through (7); (8) The requirements

The regulations require that conventional blendstock which will become conventional gasoline solely upon the addition of oxygenate must be considered conventional gasoline for the purpose of complying with the anti-dumping requirements, including the transfer document provisions of § 80.106(a). This corresponds to the requirement at § 80.101(d)(3) that such blendstock must be included in the anti-dumping compliance calculations for conventional gasoline. From a practical standpoint, the transfer documentation would need to indicate that oxygenate must be added and the refiner must undertake certain monitoring and quality assurance efforts to ensure the blending occurs as specified in the regulations, if the refiner is including any oxygenate blended downstream in its compliance calculations.(7/1/94)

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