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Section 80.65(e) states that oxygen, benzene, and RVP must be known for each batch of RFG prior to release from the refinery. Does this requirement apply to RBOB?

Section 80.75(a) requires a refiner or importer of RBOB to report the properties, pursuant to §§ 80.65 and 80.66, of each batch of RBOB it produces or imports. Section 80.69(a)(2) requires refiners and importers of RBOB to test a representative sample of the RBOB and specified oxygenate using the methodology specified in § 80.65(e). Section 80.65(e), therefore, clearly applies to RBOB for purposes of complying with these provisions. Consequently, although § 80.65(e) does not make specific reference to RBOB, EPA believes that the requirement of § 80.65(e) that certain test results must be obtained prior to release of the gasoline by the refiner or importer applies to RBOB. These test results would be reported to EPA pursuant to § 80.75(a) as the properties of the RBOB. Oxygen test results are not required prior to releasing RBOB, but the refiner or importer should retain oxygen test results to support the accuracy of the non-oxygen parameter testing.(1/30/95)

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