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Starting with the first tender of RFG shipped later this year (1994), transferors are required to provide transferees with transfer documents detailing the type of RFG (VOC or non-VOC, oxygenate program or not, simple or complex) and various minimum or ma

Not after March 1, 1996. Section 80.81(c)(9) provides an exemption from the RFG product transfer documentation requirements contained in § 80.77 for California gasoline manufactured or imported subsequent to March 1, 1996, that meets the requirements of the California Phase II RFG program. This exemption applies to § 80.77(g)(1)(ii), which requires the proper identification of reformulated gasoline as "[o]xygenated fuels program reformulated gasoline" or "[n]ot oxygenated fuels program reformulated gasoline." California RFG manufactured prior to March 1, 1996, is subject to the product transfer documentation requirements, however.(7/1/94)

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