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What is the maximum oxygen content a refiner, importer or blender may certify, including blending allowances? Does this maximum oxygen content vary according to oxygenate type?

In general, refiners, importers, and oxygenate blenders may not certify fuel at an oxygen level above the maximum cap of 2.7% by weight for VOC controlled RFG, or 3.5% by weight for non-VOC controlled RFG. The maximum oxygen content for RFG does not vary according to oxygenate type, nor will blending allowances be permitted. This may be modified by state petition under § 80.41(g). Also, oxygen content must otherwise be federally permissible. More specifically, under the substantially similar interpretive rule (56 FR 5352, February 11, 1991), oxygen content is limited to 2.7% by weight unless waived under section 211(f) of the Clean Air Act.(7/1/94)

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