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When are an importer's facilities subject to different RFG standards?

There is one situation in which importers must demonstrate compliance for individual import facilities instead of aggregating. Under § 80.67(b)(2)(ii), importers must demonstrate compliance separately for the gasoline imported at facilities which are subject to different RFG standards under § 80.41. The RFG standards for a covered area can change, or "ratchet," as the result of a failed gasoline quality survey in that area. When the standards for a covered area are ratcheted, the gasoline imported by an importer into the PADD containing the covered area, or into one of the PADDs supplying the covered area, would have to meet a separate standard. In this situation, the importer would submit separate compliance reports to EPA for gasoline imported into each PADD or group of PADDs with the same ratcheted standard.(7/1/94)

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