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Will carbon monoxide non-attainment areas have to market 2.0% oxygen during one season and 2.7% oxygen during another season?

If an RFG area is also an oxygenated fuels program control area, then the RFG distributed to that area during the designated carbon monoxide control season will, pursuant to section 211(m) of the Act, require an average of 2.7% oxygen by weight with a minimum oxygen content of 2.0% by weight. If a state oxygenated fuels program does not provide for averaging, the minimum oxygen content is 2.7% by weight. During the remainder of the year, RFG distributed to that area must contain either 2.0% oxygen by weight or, if averaging, must contain 2.1% oxygen on average with a minimum allowable oxygen content of 1.5% by weight. (Note: California has applied for a waiver from the 2.7% oxygen standard for the oxygenated fuels program, and currently has a 1.8% to 2.2% oxygen program enforced in the oxygenated fuels program control areas. Therefore, the specific waiver allowances for California would apply during the oxygenated fuel control season).(7/1/94)

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