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§ 80.101(i)(1) says that conventional gasoline cannot leave a refinery until testing is completed for all parameters used in the compliance calculation. (e)(2) of the same section says that for purposes of meeting (e)(1) a refiner may composite samples a

The regulations have been revised at § 80.101(i)(1) to allow conventional gasoline to leave a refinery or importer facility prior to the completion of sample testing. Note that there are additional constraints related to composite samples at § 80.101(i)(2) that must be followed for refiners that use composite sampling. The volume and results of analysis of the composite sample should be treated as if applied to one batch for the purposes of §§ 80.104 and 80.105. Further, this revision to the regulation will allow the continued practice of in-line blending for conventional gasoline. See the "In-Line Blending" section for further discussion of this subject.(7/1/94)

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