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Regulation Section 80.1131(b)(4) states that, in the event that the same RIN is transferred to two or more parties, ?all such RINs will be deemed to be invalid, unless EPA in its sole discretion determines that some portion of these RINS is valid?. What?s

In many circumstances, EPA will be able to determine whether any of the RINs (or particular gallon-RINs within a batch-RIN) are valid from the information submitted to EPA in the RIN generation and transaction reports. Through these reports, it is possible to track a RIN from the point of generation by the renewable fuel producer or importer through each transaction until the RIN is used for compliance, retired or has expired. If EPA determines that a RIN is invalid, EPA would contact the submitter of the report(s) with the invalid RIN and advise the party how to proceed.

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