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We are a marketer of ethanol products. Sometimes personnel at ethanol plants make mistakes as to the number of gallons being loaded or produced. How do we "recall" erroneous RINs if the number of RINs exceeds the number of gallons we receive?

The parties (producers) selling ethanol to you have an obligation to transfer appropriate RINs to you. A producer who is also a marketer may assign up to 2.5 RINs per gallon of renewable fuel. A producer who is not a marketer may only assign RINs up to the renewable equivalence value (EV). If a company receives an excess number of RINs assigned to a gallon, then the producer would be in violation. To rectify this, a producer may ask a recipient to retire the excess RINs. There is a retirement code on the reporting form for RINs generated in error and that code should be used.

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