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For a transfer in ownership of a volume of renewable fuel, may a party include the applicable product transfer document (PTD) language required at §80.1453(a)(12) on an accompanying PTD for RINs assigned to that renewable fuel as described in §80.1453(a

Yes.  Under §80.1453(a), PTDs must identify a transfer of ownership of a volume of neat and/or blended renewable fuel or separated RINs.  In general practice, this would mean invoices or bills of lading.  However, in the case where additional documentation is necessary for the transfer of RINs assigned to the volume of renewable fuel being transferred,  the language required under §80.1453(a)(12) may be included on a separate PTD as long as it is included with any other PTD(s) for the transfer of the renewable fuel.  It should be noted that when assigned RINs are seperated in accordance with §80.1429, the required language at §80.1453(a)(12) must be included on PTDs that accompany the renewable fuel.

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