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What is the definition of a responsible corporate officer (RCO) who is required to certify some of the submissions involved?

Under § 80.75(n), reports to EPA must be signed and certified as correct by the owner or a responsible corporate officer of the refiner, importer, or oxygenate blender. "Owner" means the person who is the principal owner of the business. The "responsible corporate officer" means a person who is an officer of the corporation under the laws of incorporation of the state in which the company is incorporated, and who in the corporate structure is the person ultimately responsible for the refining, importing, or oxygenate blending activity. EPA will accept reports that are signed by someone to whom the responsibility is delegated by the owner or an officer of the corporation, provided that the delegation is made in writing, the delegatee is familiar with the RFG and anti-dumping requirements, and the delegatee is no lower in the organization than refinery manager in the case of refiners, manager of the oxygenate blending facility in the case of oxygenate blenders, vice-president in charge of importing activities in the case of importers, or a similar level position.(7/1/94)

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